View of the house.

View from the balcony.

View from the first floor staircase.

You can pick and eat sweet figs standing on the staircase.

Dining room






The best in Pomer: relaxed breakfast on the balcony in the morning, before the heat. Also wonderful: diving into the calm sea even before breakfast and watching the waves spread throughout the quiet Pomer bay.

You can have your lunch outside - it's better to grill fish from the fishmarket on the outside grill than to sweat at the stove in the kitchen inside the house. If you wish, your hosts will show you how to prepare fresh mussels from the mussel farm in the Pomer bay (which you can see from the house).

Grapevines and rocket (arugula) growing along palms and flowers in the small garden in front of the house.

Figs, olives, pine trees, lavender, rosemary and agave plants thrive in the otherwise dry landscape. Your hosts will be happy to show you herbs that grow near the house and can be harvested freely, like thyme and origano.